3 AdminCore Features You Should Know About

3 AdminCore Features You Should Know About

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  • Introduction
  • 3 AdminCore Features You Should Know About
    • Tasks & Checklist Feature
    • Leads Management Feature
    • Messaging & Live Chat Feature


AdminCore’s mission is to make business management simple for businesses. We understand the complexities that small businesses face today, hence why we engineered AdminCore to become simple to use, but at the same time have all the features you need to manage your business efficiently. Here are the 3 AdminCore features you should know about:

  1. Task & Checklist Feature

Track tasks, progress, and more — all in one dashboard – to manage project lifecycles with simplicity and ease. With customisable real-time dashboards and reports, you can make data-driven decisions. Learn more about AdminCore Project Management features

  1. Leads Management Feature

Manage leads with a powerful and easy to use software like AdminCore. Using branded forms, you can streamline your intake process, organize answer data, and set tasks automatically. Learn more about AdminCore’s Leads Management

  1. Messaging and Live Chat Feature

Not all free CRM softwares have the messaging and live chat capability, to help support your customers. AdminCore has a single dashboard that helps you keep track of customer service inquiries. Organize your team, prioritize incoming inquiries, and improve service efficiency through AdminCore’s Customer Support feature. 

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