Attendance Report

Attendance Report An attendance report is also a Human resource tool to measure the behavior of employees towards the work and they’re in and out details used later for assessment and to make other decisions about employees. It Is shown…

Leave Report

Leave Report A leave report option generates the report of leaves of employees, and it reflects the productivity of the staff and gives help in decision making to the Human resource department. The information’s have been shown as below

Income vs Expense Report

Income vs Expense Report Invoice Versace the expense report shows the profit and loss of any business entity or organization. Information is shown on both chart and table form as shown below 

Finance Report

Finance Report Finance reports showed the financial status of the business. It shows the information in the bar chart and in the table as shown below.

Time Log Report

Time Log Report A time log reports show the reports based on the log time generated by the system by using users’ information/activity. This section is also accessible in the time log menu under work category. It shows the following…

Task Report

Task Report A task report page can be accessed by clicking on the button and a tabular form report page with pie chart and other information. This page is also shown in the task page. The details shown as followed.

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