Why is the ticketing feature important for your business?

Why is the ticketing feature important for your business?

Ticketing system is crucial for cooperation between consumers and the support team in the company. It gives you an ability to provide consistent customer support and become the #1 trusted brand in your industry. 

It makes it easy to fix the issue, as soon as it appears and apparently saves time. 

4 benefits using a ticketing system

  • Track and monitor tickets 

If all of your incoming queries come by emails, your support team may struggle to track and respond to each query. It also depends on the number of tickets you have at the same time. As volume gets higher you definitely need a ticketing system to track and monitor everything.

  • Don’t miss important

When you have a ticketing system in one software you can easily prioritize the importance of the ticket. So, you can start working on the most urgent tickets. The good thing is that you don’t need reminders or sticky notes all over the place to get tickets done. Ticketing system will let you remind you of all actions you need to take.

  • Monitor Agent Performance

Ticketing system can track the performance of your team. You can monitor the volume tickets are done by each team member. Also have an analysis about the number of tickets and what type of tickets are coming from each clients.

  • Improve Efficiency 

With ticketing software, your team works more efficiently because they aren’t going back and forth between inboxes and trying to decide what to do next. Also they know the priorities and which tasks are important and need to be done at first.

Try Ticketing system with AdminCore

AdminCore CRM software

Having a ticketing system not only helps the customer also to team members inside the company. 

While you create a ticket in AdminCore, you can:

  • Select the client or the company, then specify the person.
  • Put the ticket Subject and Description.
  • Upload the documents if needed.
AdminCore – Add new ticket feature

You can easily control the tickets progress with AdminCore. If it is open, pending. Resolved or closed.

AdminCore – Ticket Dashboard

Still thinking using or not a supporting system for your company? Why don’t you try AdminCore for free for all feature and see how it will improves your collaboration.

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