Add employee

Add employee Enter the unique employee ID * Enter employee name * Enter employee email * Enter employee password * Enter employee username Enter employee joining date * Enter employee exit date Enter employee Gender Enter employee Address Enter employee…


Designation Designation is logical identification of an individual based on skill set which are assigned to employees according to its role in the business. Following are the steps to create designation. Enter the designation name Click save button

HR Department

HR Department Department is logical identification of employees based on their skills set. Following steps are used to create the department. Enter the department name Click save button

Time log Feature

Time log Feature Time log feature is very powerful tool to calculate the progress of HR and improve their performances by multiple other tools

Notice board

Notice board The notice board module in the system is used to share information for specific sets of teams or departments in the system. To access the Notice Board module, click on the button. Notice board page opens and shows…

Assign leave

Assign leave Select member from list Select leave type or click add new leave type Select leave duration  Select date Type reason of absence Select status approved/pending Click save