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  • Enter the task title
  • Select an already created project from the list for whom to create tasks.
  • Select task category from list or click  to add new category
  • Enter the task description
  • Select the label of task or click    button to add new task label
  • Select start date
  • Select due date or check  box to make it without end date
  • Select a user of the system to assign this task or click  to add new employee
  • Check the Make Private box to make visible to admin, assigner and assignee
  • Check the billing box to generate the invoice based on time log
  • Check the estimate time box to predict the time required to complete the task
  • Check the repeat box if require repeating this task again
  • Check the priority box to set priority of this task
  • Drop/upload the task file in the system
  • Click the button to save

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