Add new client

In order to create a new client on client module click create new client

Here you can:

  • Select client prefix
  • Enter the client’s name *
  • Enter the client email *
  • Enter the client password
  • Enter client company name
  • Enter client website
  • Enter the client website
  • Enter the client address
  • Select client mobile number
  • Enter office number
  • Enter city name
  • Enter client state
  • Enter client country name
  • Enter client postal category
  • Select client category or click       to add new client categorySingle gear outline
  • Select client sub-category or click      to add new client sub-categorySingle gear outline
  • Enter client skype ID
  • Enter client LinkedIn ID
  • Enter client Twitter
  • Enter client Facebook ID
  • Enter client GST number
  • Upload client profile picture
  • Enter client shipping details
  • Enter client special note
  • Choose send credential Yes/No
  • Choose email notification enable/disable
  • Select client language
  • Click save button

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