Add New Lead

To add new lead, click the  button on the lead landing page and follow the following procedure

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

Graphical user interface, application, Word

Description automatically generated

  • Enter the lead company name
  • Enter lead company website address
  • Enter lead company address
  • Enter lead mobile contact number
  • Enter lead office phone number
  • Enter lead city name
  • Enter lead state name
  • Enter lead country name
  • Enter lead postal code
  • Select the title of person
  • Enter leads name
  • Enter leads email
  • Select next follow up yes/no.
  • Enter leads value
  • Select lead agent from list of add new lead agent by click on button
  • Select the lead source from list of social media/communication platforms or add new source by click on the button
  • Select the leads category or add a new leads category by clicking on the button.
  • Enter any other special information in the note text area.
  • Click   button to save leads.

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