Custom PDF Generator

Create a PDF

Go to Settings, PDFBuilders then Create PDFBuilder

Fill in the requested fields:

  • The name for the PDF (example: contribution framework)
  • The model : select from the drop-down menu in which category you want the pdf to be generated (example: Estimate)
  • The description of the document
  • Load the desired document


You are redirected to the customization of the selected PDF.

Your PDF is now visible and you have the possibility on the right toadd automated fields visible on it.

Example: for a Framework of contribution: if you wish to insert the name of the obligor, you just have to click on Subsidy fields then Subsidies – Name.

The automated field will appear, you just have to place it where you want it.

You can also change the font as well as the color to your liking.

Once all the fields are filled in, click Save 

Once the PDF is saved. You always have the possibility to modify it in case of change.

To do this: 

Go to Parameters, PDFBuilders

  • To the right of the desired quote, in action, click on the three wheels then select what you want.

Modify will redirect you to the modification of the PDF creation (name, model, description)

Modify PDF will redirect you to the page for customizing automatic fields

You also have the possibility, in the event of an error, to delete the PDF created via Delete

Print a PDF

To return to the previous example.

If you have created a PDFBuilder so that it is generated in the Estimates, you must: 

Return to the home page, Go to Finances then Estimates:

  • To the right of the desired estimate, in action, click on the three wheels then select view
  • Click Generate PDF then select the PDF you want to print

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