Events Feature

A Events module in AdminCore is used to create events. To create the event click on the event button in the left menu. Following page is open with calendar mark with events information to start new events click on the button to create new event with following steps

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Description automatically generated

  • Enter the event name *
  • Select the event color
  • Enter the location/address of the event *
  • Select the event category from list or click    button to add new category
  •  Select event type from the list or click button to add new event type
  • Enter the event description *
  • Select the start date from calendar *
  • Enter the start time of the event 
  • Select the end date of event from the calendar *
  • Enter the end time of the event
  • Select the attendees from the list or click   to add all employee in the event
  • Select the client from the list or click  to add all clients in the event.
  • Click the               button to make the event repeatable
  • Click the button to send the event to all concern.

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