Custom PDF Generator

Custom PDF Generator Create a PDF Go to Settings, PDFBuilders then Create PDFBuilder Fill in the requested fields: The name for the PDF (example: contribution framework) The model : select from the drop-down menu in which category you want the…

Time Log Calendar view

Time Log Calendar view Time log calendar view feature use to show the time log based on calendar dates instead in tabular form Click on button to view time log on calendar. Invoice can be created based on time log…

Active Timer

Active Timer Active time feature use to measure the number of hours a user is spent on work by the system user to handle projects

Tasks list

Tasks list Click on task list to view all task in table format Click on export button to export all tasks in CSV/Excel

Tasks label

Tasks label Enter the task label name Enter the task label description Select task label color by color code Click SAVE button

Assign leave

Assign leave Select member from list Select leave type or click add new leave type Select leave duration  Select date Type reason of absence Select status approved/pending Click save

Holiday calendar

Holiday calendar Select holiday year to view holidays yearly distinct  Change view to month, week, day, list

Holiday list

Holiday list Select holiday year to view holidays yearly distinct  Click action tab to remove holiday from list

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